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What is holding you back?

This is the question I would like you to ponder. I am speaking with people daily who have many questions about what we do. So I ask. Why have we not heard from you? The answer seems to always be the same. A shrug of the shoulders…..

Ok, I get that this is a new service to the area and of course skepticism steps in, but we truly want to help you. I get that new ideas can be scary and fear itself is a crazy thing. Don’t give it power. It can really hold you back in life and love. So, I encourage you to ask yourself the four questions. Who, what, where and why.

This one step can change your whole life. We are here for you on so many levels. Now it is up to you. Get in touch with us today.

True, long term relationships don't always come easy.

Headquartered in Richland, WA, we are a team of  professionals that understand the difficulties of finding the right relationship. We have a process that is set up to produce the right results for you.

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Client Spotlight

July’s Spotlight Client is a well traveled man who left his family to pursue his education. As a Scientist out at the area, this client knew at a young age he was destined for greater than what his origins had to offer.

He is now at a point where he is able to settle down and enjoy life here in the Tri-Cities. He is completely open to learning new activities and would like someone to do it with. Outdoor activities and self growth are his main focus right now, but he is blossoming like a flower. He is taking it all in with an open heart and a smile.

This client would like to meet someone 28-35, who is non-religious and loves intellectual conversations. Taking it slow and easy with an eye for marriage is a must.

If this sounds like a man you would like to meet, please fill out a contact form and put “SPOTLIGHT” in the promo box.

Some of what we do

Life coaching

The world we live in is ever growing and evolving. With the consistent introduction of varying social obligations,we tend put ourselves last. Sometimes we just need a little help getting back on track  to put our best foot forward. This is where one of our coaches can help. 


We have dating professionals ready to guide you through the process. We setup up the introductions for you, so you never have to worry about looking for a person. 

beauty and health

When we feel beautiful, the universe tends to open up new and exciting opportunities. We have professionals who love to help you look and feel like a million bucks. As part of our program, you can choose to see one of our Beauty professionals as part of your package.


You never have to worry about setting up an online profile again. After the initial consultation, we take care of the rest. This enables us to better match you with someone. This is not an online dating site. We do the work for you.


Walking the runway is not for all of us, but we all have our own style. Let one of our fashion professional work with you to find the styles that make you feel confident and ready to take on the world. 


As a member you will be given the opportunity socialize at our events. We work with local businesses to create more than just another happy hour. 


Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success
— Shiv Khera