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Hiring a Matchmaker




I am convinced that not only should you consider hiring a matchmaker, you should go through with it.


It starts with a Right Swipe, a “Wink” or a “Wave” - Now you're advance has gone out into the abyss and maybe, JUST MAYBE you'll get a wink back. Success! - They liked your picture, you passed the initial test. But what if we stopped and considered that there is more to dating than a knee-jerk reaction to a photo. There is such a thing called a "Slow-Burn" that statistics show have a higher chance of developing into a long-lasting relationship.


You may have swiped left on the man or woman of your dreams all based on ONE photo.

I am reminded of a friend who struggled with online dating. The reality was, that what she was encountering seemed to be a never-ending, revolving door of non-committal men with whom she would engage with for a short while. Maybe, if they didn't disappear after a few exchanges, might actually plan a “date.” From there, this became a series of drinks or dinners, only to go home and more than likely never hear from them again. Even when she'd felt they'd had a connection, still no call. I can only assume that living in a world of instant gratification, these men would just jump right back on whatever dating app they were using and look for their next “date.”

It's time to stop the frustrating cycle and let a professional help!

When you hire a matchmaker, you are hiring a friend; and we all know that's a great way to meet a compatible partner. No photos. No long winded phone calls that end in disappointment. Just a meeting. A chance. Trusting your friend to introduce you to someone that you may actually have a connection with is worth it's weight in gold!


Of course, I eventually convinced my friend to do this, to allow me to introduce her to prospective gentlemen and as you can guess, eventually she did meet someone that became her partner. All because she took a chance!


Donni Bricker-Garcia

Matchmaker/Dating Coach