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Hello 2019!

So, here we are. The new year has started and we are once again looking forward with hope. Most of us are putting together wish lists with the intention of dedication (I won’t say resolution…).

I had a friend request just one word to dedicate to 2019. I thought about this direction, and narrowing all of my intentions down to just one word? Well, that was a little bit of a chore. I tend to take on so many goals, I very quickly overwhelm myself. But just one word? Actually, that is a great idea. We know that to accomplish the things we want, the way to do it is one step at a time. Well, maybe just one word, not task, or goal, or desire, is the key to success.

The word I chose for the year is “presence”. Being present in the things I do. Whether with family, meeting new people, or even just relaxing. Making sure to try to be wholly there. Mind, body and spirit. I know this will take a little bit of practice, but I know this one word will open up so many opportunities.

So, what is your word for the year?


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