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Just a little thank you note.....

The month of March has been quite the experience here in the Mid-Columbia region. For those who are not in the area, we received record snowfall this year. I love the snow and I really enjoyed being able to get out and play in it without having having to drive to the mountains, although the scenery up there is amazing. But now I think we are all ready for spring.

The mounds of layered snow and ice are disappearing and Mother Nature is showing us her beautiful new colors. The sun seems a bit more vibrant and the warmth brings a smile to my face. I make a point to get outside each day, not only for the vitamin D, but to give thanks and gratitude for the life I have been able to create and share.

As Tri-City Singles celebrates the annual anniversary of being in business, I want to give Thanks to so many. This little endeavor could not happen without my loved ones, my community, my team, my mentors and my clients. While it is not always easy, the support and encouragement I receive gives me the strength to continue on this entrepreneurial path that makes me and others so happy. I am a very lucky woman.

While I could probably babble on and on about the great clients I have and the events we have coming up, it’s probably better that I leave the witting to the professionals. On that note, I really am so grateful. Thank you!



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