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We just posted a new blog in our What’s Up section. Take a look at what we have to say. And while you are at it, check out our Events section.

Common questions about events.

If you have been keeping an eye on our website or following us on Instagram or FB, you may have noticed that we are having more events in the upcoming months. We are excited about the upcoming opportunities we have to bring singles together to have fun and meet new people.

It is common to hear that there is nothing for singles to do in our area besides going to bars. We also hear that friends don’t join them because they are all married, and don’t want to be a wing-person. So, there you have it. Come to one of our events. We always have fun and you have at least one thing in common with the attendees. You are all single.

When I am asked why we have events, I reiterate the importance of the relationships in our lives. The people we surround ourselves with can impact everything from eating, activities and most importantly our confidence. You may not find the romantic relationship you are looking for, but you may find your travel buddy, fishing friend or even a hiking partner. All these relationships are important to how we are.

We have been able to have one Speed Dating event a month up to this point. We do our best to work with other businesses in the area for these events, but we have been so very lucky to work with Village Bistro in Kennewick and keep the event there. We are trying to be consistent in keeping it the third weekend of the month but continue to check, you never know when things could change.

Speed Dating in new to the Tri-City area and people seem to be intimidated by this idea. I am going to break down a couple of the common questions for you.

-How does it work?

                To keep it as simple as possible:

1.       Each round is approximately 4-5 minutes. After each round, there is one minute to fill out an evaluation for each round (person/date)

2.       Then men will then rotate to the next numeric table (women stay seated) and then the next round starts.

3.       Depending on the size of the group, it may be broken into additional groups.

4.       There will be a short break in the middle of the event.

5.       Continue with more rounds.

6.       We always end with additional time to socialize. (A group from the event has gone out every time after Speed Dating is done.) This is the time when phone numbers should be exchanged between participants. TCS will not arrange future introductions.

7.       That’s it!

-Just a few minutes is not long enough. What do we talk about?

1. Depending on your attitude determines how quickly time goes by. If you are only in the market for a connection based on looks, time will probably creep by. But if you approach each introduction as an opportunity, the connections will flow through the conversation and time will fly by.

2. Come prepared. I cannot stress this enough. There is nothing more time consuming or boring than asking the same questions you found on a dating site. I always point towards google for additional answers. Look up “What are some speed dating questions?”, “What are the most common deal breakers on a date?”. These are just a couple of ideas, but I think you get where I am going with this. A little homework goes a long way.

Now for the most important part. Show up and give yourself lots of positive self-talk before the event. Remind yourself how awesome you are. We all bring special qualities to the table. You must remind yourself what yours are. This doesn’t mean that everyone will value those qualities but own it! It would be very daunting if everyone placed the same value on the same things all the time. Just think about that. And do not bring up the qualities about yourself you do not like.


So, there is the rundown on Speed Dating. Now let talk about other events. I have been playing around with doing a Scavenger Hunt for a while now and I just decided to bite the bullet. I love to try different things (especially since I more power to “yes”), and sometimes doing the things I loved as a kid just makes me happy.

I/We are so excited to make this happen. We are teaming up with our friends at Spectra Art Gallery to take over their parking lot, bring in music from our friend Vanna Oh!, food, and utilize the monthly Art Walk in Downtown Kennewick as our scavenger focus. Sound fun?

 And….. we finally have a date to partner with Wet Palette Paint Studio to put together an evening of painting. We have been trying to work something out for quite a while now…..

There you have it! Go to our Event page for more information and tickets. If you have an idea for future events, feel free to email me at

Have a beautiful day!


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